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We barely knew ya, Przemek: Fraschilla tweet reportedly a rumor

Przemek Karnowski told us about him going to Gonzaga: it is not true, only rumorsless than a minute ago via twibble

As quickly as I was starting to brush up on my Polish, I can go back to trying to learn French and German.  According to Cristophe over at, Fran Fraschilla's tweet last night was nothing but speculation.  

ESPN's Fraschilla tweeted last night that we could expect to see Przemyslaw Karnowski in "Gonzaga blue" next season.  The seven-foot, 270-pound big man from Poland was recently selected to play at the Nike Hoops Summit and the news obviously caught the attention of a number of Gonzaga fans, including us.  It is, at this point, simply a rumor.  

Personally, I'm quite pleased about this being a rumor.  Nothing against Karnowski, but when I watch teams like Arizona, Florida, and on and on, I really think the frontline needs a shot of athleticism, particularly as it relates to defense.  Don't expect this to be the last you hear of international recruiting, particularly when the 2012 cycle rolls around.  There are a number of excellent domestic recruits (cough, Skylar Spencer, cough) that fit what this team needs but this staff has shown they are committed to extending the pipeline to new countries each year.