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Gonzaga vs. St. John's: The day before open thread

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I've been at work for a solid hour and a half so far today and all I've done is think about St. John's and tomorrow's game.  What was that stat about productivity going down in corporate American during March Madness?  I've living it! 

With that said, if you are like me, stop by for and share your current thoughts on tomorrow's game against St. John's.  As always, here are some questions to get things rolling.

1.  I imagine most of you have filled out a bracket...who is your final four, national champion, and darkhorse team to make a run?
2.  The idea that Gonzaga is now "peaking" seems to be a debated point by fans.  What do you think, is this a team that is peaking or is it one that benefited from playing subpar competitoin down the stretch?
3.  Switching gears to St. John's, I have to ask a question I asked before: Which point guard will have the greatest impact tomorrow...Demetri Goodson or David Stockton?
4.  If you had to single out ONE player who is the most important to this team's success in the tournament, who would it be?

After the jump, there are a few links for those that enjoy seeing Saint Mary's fail...

-- Call it "bubble burst hangover" or just not being that good but Saint Mary's lost in the NIT last night at home to Kent State.  The Golden Flashes came back from 13 down to take down SMC.  Many want to see the WCC succeed, but I really like seeing SMC go down.

-- Rubbing salt in the wound,there are reports out now that SMC head coach Randy Bennett may be looking elsewhere to continue his coaching career.  Truth be told, I have been surprised to see Bennett last this long and with Mickey McConnell graduating, he may think it is time to bolt.