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Baseball Opens Season 0-3

Basketball season is getting wild after the USF win, so I'll keep this baseball post short.

In 2009, the Gonzaga baseball team had one of its best seasons in history, finishing #22 in the country and nearly making it to Omaha. Last year, however, was a gigantic drop-off: Mark Machtolf's Bulldogs ended up second-to-last in the WCC.

With scare losses to graduation, we've kept nearly all the key position players (Bolinger, Edman, Eslick, Hunter, Moon) and last year's starting pitchers (Carpenter, Martin)'s all about experience this time around.

But after this weekend's tournament to open the 2011 campaign, the Bulldogs are coming back to Spokane without a win, having lost all three games down in California (two to Oregon State and one to Fresno State).

I'll get into more detail about the team in scores below the jump

Box Scores courtesy of

Day 1 (Oregon State, Fresno State):

Day 2 (Oregon State):

On Deck: three-gamer at Texas A&M, beginning 2/25