Gonzaga must win out or they are a 3-Seed in WCC Tourney

It seems like the majority of everyone believes that if Gonzaga wins tomorrow vs. San Francisco that they are going to be the 2 Seed in the WCC Tournament, but everyone is wrong. San Francisco's win at Portland last night really hurt Gonzaga. Here's why:

Even if Gonzaga beats USF tomorrow, USF will have 4 losses. They then finish the year with LMU and Pepperdine at home, so they will finish at 10-4. If Gonzaga wins tomorrow and at San Diego, but loses at St. Mary’s, GU will finish tied with USF at 10-4… The way the tie-breaker works is head-to-head which GU and USF will have split (assuming we win tomorrow). Then it goes how you finished against the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place team on down the line. Both USF and GU would have lost to St. Mary’s twice. They both will tie for second. Then if Santa Clara finishes 4th, which is probably what will happen, USF beat them twice and GU split with them. Therefore, San Francisco will get the 2nd seed and the double bye. Gonzaga will get the 3 seed and have to play 3 games to win the WCC Tourney…

Therefore, Gonzaga needs to win these last three conference games (including win at St. Mary’s) or they are going to be playing on Saturday in the WCC Tourney as the 3 seed.

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