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Postgame Thread: Draymond Green abuses Gonzaga

Another unranked Big Ten foe, another loss for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. To me, it was actually a pretty similar story to the Illinois game. While of course the big X-factor tonight was Draymond Green, the Zags were pretty well out muscled and outclassed the entire game. Here are my quick thoughts on the evening:

  • Draymond Green is a problem. He's a problem because Mike Hart was defending him. This is not a slight to Hart but if he is Mark Few's best option against a versatile power forward, this team is going to be a quick out come March.
  • Elias Harris, Sam Dower....someone needs to step up from what many were billing as the deepest GU frontcourt in Gonzaga history. Dower has really regressed and Elias has made nice moves to the hoop but really is struggling to convert.
  • I thought putting Marquise Carter on the bench was a great move by Few, but there were no returns tonight as he did...nothing.

Gonzaga has five VERY winnable games upcoming. Go ahead and take it away, Zag fans. The thread is yours.