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Two days until Demarquise Johnson's decision...

...and if Que has proven anything, it is that he has one hell of a poker face.

Over the past few weeks, a lot of rumors have been tossed around about his potential destination. Washington State has seemingly made a strong push as of late securing his teammate Richard Peters in the 2012 class. Many seem to think they are the leader in the clubhouse at this point. Washington and Gonzaga are also there and, personally it seems like UNLV is more on the outside looking in due to the fact that all the Pacific Northwest schools have a defined role where Que can come in right away and make an impact.

To this point, Que has really given no hints about where he will wind up. For Gonzaga, the recruitment is particularly scrutinized because he is kind of 'the guy' in 2012. While the staff was extremely active talking to prospects over the summer, Demarquise is really the only guy that really came out as a target. In my estimation, the role Que would fill at Gonzaga is exactly what this team needs and I'm very pleased the staff came out of the summer with him as target #1. With Kevin Pangos and Gary Bell Jr, and Kyle Dranginis, the 2011 class provides a backbone for what could be a superb backcourt of the future. The one major hole that Gonzaga has always struggled with is getting an athletic, slashing wing that can also hit an outside shot. Guys like Larry Gurganious were fan favorites and exciting to watch but offensively, it just wasn't there. The jury still remains out on Mathis Keita and Mathis Monninghoff. They both showed excellent flashes but Demarquise is a prototypical wing that this program has lacked for some time.

As most who read this site know, I am a believer that Polish big man Przemek Karnowski is going to wind up at Gonzaga as part of the 2012 class. With Robert Sacre gone after this year and the scary possibility that Elias Harris may leave early, the other hole is obviously in the paint. With the Kelly Olynyk redshirt rumor gaining more traction, I am a bit more comfortable with the future of the front line with him, Sam Dower, and Ryan Spangler for a couple more years but it would be good to bolster the frontcourt either with Karnowski in 2012 or multiple guys in 2013.

Whatever happens on Saturday with Que, the most interesting part will be to see how the Gonzaga staff reacts. Do they begin exploring junior college options once again in 2012 or do they really start ramping up the recruitment of 2013 and guys like Cullen Neal, Zach Lavine, and various front line prospects. If Que goes Zag on Saturday, we will probably be looking at a very small and orderly 2012 class, but if he goes Coug or Husky...we could be in for an eventful tail end of this year's cycle.