With BYU In, Should Seattle Be Included Too?

I am very excited by the addition of BYU to the WCC. It's a great basketball program that undoubtedly will boost the reputation of the WCC. In my opinion, with this deal, the WCC certainly belongs in the discussion of the best basketball conferences in the West, especially with the Pac-10 (soon-to-be Pac-12) coming off an atrocious season a year ago and not much hope on the horizon, even with the addition of Utah.

That being said, with the addition of BYU, that leaves the WCC with 9 teams. The most logical decision would be to add another team, mostly for the sake of having an even number of teams.

I believe Seattle should be the logical choice to join the WCC.

Now let's look at some pros and cons of Seattle U joining the WCC.


  • A team in Seattle would give the WCC a great imprint in the West Coast. Basically, every major city in the west coast (except Phoenix) would be represented, which I think would be great exposure for the WCC, and further close the gap between the Pac-10 and WCC.
  • Seattle is a budding team. I saw on the BYU post that people said Seattle wasn't a good program. That's overstating it. Are they a great program? No. But they were the only independent to finish with a winning record (17-14), they had quality wins against Fresno State, Oregon State (whom they beat by 51 in Corvallis), Weber State (the regular-season Big Sky champs) and Utah (a tournament team two years ago). Also, they won 10 out of their last 13 games last season. I think the team was getting adjusted to the new coach and the fact that they were playing a full DI schedule for the first time. That being said, I think they could be ready this year, now that they have Dollar back and the first-year jitters out of their system.
  • A Seattle-Gonzaga rivalry would be fun, just for the Eastern-Western Washington rivalry thing.
  • They play at Key Arena, so the Zags would get two games minimum in an NBA-quality arena. (Just saying.)


  • Apparently, GU's athletic department doesn't want their inclusion for fear of losing recruits in the Seattle Area (A BS excuse because Gonzaga has been starting to go more national and international for recruiting) as well as ceding some exposure (another BS excuse because Gonzaga has a huge following in Portland).
  • And...well...I can't think of any other cons. I don't think Seattle would be any worse next year than Pepperdine.

So, those are some of my ideas? With BYU on-board, would you guys be gung-ho for Seattle to be included? Or should the WCC just stick to nine teams for the time being?

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