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Your turn: Answering Gonzaga's biggest questions heading into 2010-11

As we begin our preview of the 2010-2011, we thought it'd be best to post some of the biggest questions facing this program.  While November may seem like a long time away, we are about fifty days away from the first exhibition game and you know it will fly by! 

Gonzaga has undoubtedly solidified itself as a perennial power in college basketball but that does not mean they are set for a smooth ride to March.  There are a bunch of questions that most of us have been talking about all summer including leadership, the point guard spot, and the impact of newcomers.  

Now that we are getting so close, it feels right to open this up to a little discussion amongst you, our readers, and get a pulse of where you are at with what are sure to be the keys of the 2010-11 season.  


1.  If you had to pick one...and I know it is tough...which nonconference game (click here for schedule) worries you this most next season?

2.  Which incoming freshman (not Marquise Carter or Sam Dower), if any, will have the greatest impact next season?

3.  In the 14-game West Coast Conference schedule, Gonzaga's record will be?  If they lose, who  will beat them?

4.  Who will start the season at the point guard position?  Who will be the starter at the beginning of conference play?

5.  Which returning player do you feel is the most poised to have a breakout season in 2010-11?

6.  At the end of the year, what will we be saying about Sam Dower's redshirt freshman season?

7.  What adjustments would you like to see from the coaching staff in order to adapt to the talent and skill set on this roster as opposed to years past?

8.  Last, but certainly not least, is there a ceiling for this team in terms of a tournament run?  How far can they go?

FYI...Max and I will be answering these questions later this evening.  Looking forward to some great discussion!