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Rumor central: Gonzaga to take on Baylor?

We usually don't run with a lot of rumors here but this one has just got me very excited.  We've heard from a few pretty credible sources that Gonzaga has been in talks with Baylor about a series which would begin next season.  Early indications point to the series beginning in Dallas next year and then a return trip probably to Seattle in the 2011-12 season. 

We've seen before that a lot of these series talks fall apart before anything serious ever really happens but this one really does make sense.  Gonzaga already has put together a very powerful schedule for next season but there is no doubt that Mark Few still is probably looking for one or two more power teams to take on.  Under Scott Drew, Baylor has risen to the top of the Big 12 and had a great tourney run last year, making it to the Elite Eight before being taken out by Duke.  They aren't a flash in the pan, either.  Drew has been able to secure a number of outstanding recruiting classes and next season they will welcome in Perry Jones, a unanimous top ten recruit to help bolster their front line.  The Bears lost Ekpe Udoh and Tweety Carter from last year's team but they've still got plenty of talent to be outstanding next season. 

Obviously this is all a rumor at this point, but a very intriguing one.  There are still plenty of questions regarding the series (date, venue, etc) but I am really hoping this works out.  Baylor has been one of my favorite teams to watch the past few years, so much so that I had them going all the way in my brackets last year.  Scott Drew has done a hell of a job turning that once tumultuous program back around and this would just be an outstanding game for Gonzaga.  We'll keep you posted on any details that trickle in regarding this series and any other Gonzaga schedule news.