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Weekend News and Notes: Schedule nearly complete

Per our wonderful reader SoundPound's request, here is the most up to date version of Gonzaga's 2010-11 schedule (or at least the best info we could find).  As you can see, it is another who's who of excellent basketball programs with the CBE Classic, and games against Illinois (in Seattle) and Memphis (in Spokane) highlighting the slate.  News has recently come across that Gonzaga and Notre Dame are close to finalizing a new series which would begin in South Bend next season and I assume the series is a true home and home as I don't think the Irish really have the basketball clout to demand a bigger venue.  With that series nearly being completed, you have to think the schedule is just about done except for attaching dates to the games.  That CBE Classic will hopefully give Gonzaga at least two games against power teams in Kansas City including the already crowd #1 team in the country, Duke. 

There will obviously be some filler games like the Cal-State Bakersfield's and Idaho's of the world but information about those don't usually come out until the schedule does. 

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-- First of all, regarding the Mathis Keita news a few days ago.  We still don't know anything concrete about whether Mathis did in fact commit and now questions are being raised about what year he would come to Gonzaga.  What we do know is that the source is extremely credible and it sounds like it will become official and he will be a Zag.  At this point I would be stunned if this was untrue.  As far as what year he would come to Gonzaga, Mathis is definitely eligible to come in 2010 and that is what I expect him to do.  As always, we will keep you up to date on his recruitment.  I wish we could give  you an official time frame but it's nearly impossible with international recruiting.

--  College basketball: Gibbs on prowl for new home; UNI has a shot

I know a lot of you are curious about where recent transfer Grant Gibbs will wind up and it appears that his final three consists of Northern Iowa, Creighton, and Iowa State.  Northern Iowa seems like the logical choice in my eyes but the other two schools obviously have things going for them.  Iowa State would give him a shot to play in the Big 12 against some great teams and Creighton obviously has a solid basketball legacy but they both are dealing with coaching changes.


If you are into recruiting, there is probably no one better to read than's Evan Daniels.  He recently filled in for Fox Sports' resident blogger Jeff Goodman and delivered a very entertaining and information filled read.  Here is a little blurb from the piece with a mention of a Zag recruit:

Best Team: It’s still a bit early to pick the best team, but the Oakland Soldiers may have the most overall talent. Jabari Brown, Brandon Ashley and Kyle Wiltjer lead the way for the loaded Nike squad.

I've been dying to see this team for a long time now and it appears that I'll have to do so this summer.  They also have star guard Nick Johnson but Brown and Ashley are true gems and Wiltjer is easily one of the most versatile players in the entire 2011 class.