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So many questions...

I remember thinking last offseason that I have never been a fan of a team with so many unknowns. Pargo, Heytvelt, Daye, etc were all gone and they had basically taken with them the identity of Gonzaga hoops for the past few years. Like them or not, that group of players really defined a major span of time in Gonzaga hoops history. On the surface, Gonzaga's losses after this season don't look like much. A project big in Will Foster that never really hit his peak here and then Matt Bouldin, a four year star that will always have his place in the Gonzaga books. Other than that, there is nothing lost. So why then am I feeling the same, if not more, anxiety about the upcoming season?

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Let's think about some of the unknowns we have on our hands at this point. First and foremost, there is the point guard question. I won't debate this either way because my views on either side aren't strong enough but I do know that there must be improvement and lots of it. I don't care who it comes from whether it is GJ, Meech, Marquise, or if Mark Few has secretly been developing Sam Dower to run the point. That leads us to another question and that is the role of Marquise Carter. Some think he's the point guard for next year, others think he can step into Matt's spot and start at the off guard. Then you've got the new guy Keegan Hyland. Coming off a pretty serious hip injury is no easy task to overcome and from all indications, Mark Few has some major expectations for Keegan. How does he fit into the equation and how are we going to find minutes for all these guards?

Even though I have enough debatable questions in the previous paragraph to last us all the way until November, there are many more. Moving into the front court, you have the Elias Harris question. This is the biggest question in my mind. Does he move to the small forward like he indicates he would like to? There's no doubt his future in the NBA is there, but does Mark Few see his future at Gonzaga there? Elias moving to the small forward could be hindered by the fact that it would leave the power forward position in unsure hands. Who would step in there? Is Sam Dower ready to play huge minutes and step into a starting role or will Kelly Olynyk become the post player that many think he can? For as much discussion as we give to the backcourt situation, I might argue that the front court is equally as appealing.

Am I missing any questions that you can pile on to this? Or, better yet help me out and give me some answers!