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Updating the 2010-11 schedule: Is it set?

We have mentioned a few times before that one of the best aspects of Gonzaga basketball is seeing how the schedule unfolds.  When you play in a non-BCS conference such as the WCC, it is very important to give your team a chance to play on the national stage during the scene to prepare them for postseason play.  No non-BCS school has done this better than Mark Few and Gonzaga and this coming season is absolutely no different. 

On the schedule already for the Zags are Illinois (top 15-20 team), Memphis (top recruiting class in the country) , the CBE Classic (featuring Duke and K-State, and then games with Wake Forest, Washington State, and Xavier.  The schedule is already loaded and I would expect probably one more game to be added for the 2010 season.  Talks with Notre Dame and Bulter have been ongoing but nothing definite has been set. 

The great thing for next season is we get Memphis, Illinois, and Xavier all in places that will be Zag dominated.  Road trips to Winston-Salem and Kansas City will be difficult so you have to wonder just how much more travel Mark Few wants to expose this team to.  Only time will tell but the schedule is obviously taking great shape thus far.