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Open Thread: NCAA Tournament Wish List

The good news: The sun rose today in Denver and washed away that horrid evening.  Hopefully the same can be said for wherever you are reading this piece from.

The bad news: Bracketologies from every corner of the Internet have Gonzaga plummeting after losing to Saint Mary's last night.  Nothing we can do about that now.  Your beloved Zags will be hitting the road come tournament time and will probably be headed to places like Oklahoma City, Buffalo, etc. 

Assuming we can all bury last night and move on, I think everyone knows there are some MAJOR issues with this ball club right now; individually and as a team.  Our game thread and postgame reactions brought that out and I kind of gave you my wish list for this team in my game recap.

Pure and simple, get back to the basics.  Matt goes back to do-it all man, Steven keeps doing what he's doing, and Elias returns to being the focal part of our offense every time down the court.  Remember Illinois and how Gonzaga showed toughness down the stretch? Remember who was dominant in that game? Elias and Rob still had a hell of a game too.

That's my wish list.  Back to basics.  Instead of pluggin random pieces to see if they work after every time out, stick with those three and do what you did early in conference play and in Maui.  March is not the time for tinkering. 

What's on your wish list for this team/players/staff as we head to the NCAA's?