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Welcome our newest writer, Greg Talbott

Max and I have been running this little two man show for quite some time now but for the couple years we have run this site, we have always been inconsistent with our coverage of Gonzaga baseball. For that reason, we have decided to expand our staff to include a very talented young writer, Greg Talbott.

Greg is currently a freshman at Gonzaga but that does not mean he is short on experience.  Greg is a broadcast studies, journalism major at GU and has an obvious passion for sports media.  He's worked as a sports media intern for a minor league baseball team and has loads of broadcast journalism experience including various play-by-play and managing duties.

What we expect from Greg is simple; to provide you all with up to date content on the baseball team and then help us improve our coverage of Gonzaga basketball next season.  We hope that his passion and knowledge of baseball shines through in his writing which we think it will.  We had asked Greg to provide us with a writing sample before adding him to the staff and his ability to write with control and passion really appealed to Max and me.

So please, join me in welcoming Greg to our community and check out his writing on the Gonzaga baseball team this spring/summer.  Congrats and welcome, Greg.  We're very happy to have you.