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Updated Scholarship Chart

Gonzaga has been very active recently in late 2010 recruiting so it seems like a good time to present to you the updated scholarship chart. 

Three bench spots are open as we stand with Matt and Will running out of eligibility and Andy Poling transferring.  For the past, well since forever, we have been firm believers in the potential of the 2011 class.  Two legit blue-chippers, Gary Bell and Kyle Wiltjer, are seriously considering Gonzaga and we assume they are priority #1 at this point.  Kyle Dranginis of Idaho is the only member of that 2011 class currently so we penciled him in as taking Gray's scholarship once he graduates. 

As far as 2010 goes, it's clear that Mark Few is after a quality combo guard that can come in right away and score the basketball.  Steven Gray is really the only seasoned member of the backcourt that has shown the ability to score so there is a huge need in that area.  Marquise Carter, who is currently in Spokane on an official visit, appears to be the front runner for that spot.  Don't sleep on Gonzaga also signing a late big like Guy-Marc Michel to give the front court a little more depth.  If that happens, my scholarship numbers and theory will explode but with just never know.

fyi...You can always stay current on the scholly situation as it is linked on our sidebar.  Check it out