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Top Tournament Moments

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The 2010 NCAA Tournament was short-lived, but i think we can take a lot from Gonzaga's two game stint.  The Zags were convincingly dispatched by Orange of Syracuse which will surely last in our memories longer than the win two days before over Florida State. 

Before the tournament began, I wrote a piece reminiscing about one of my (and probably your) fondest memories as a Gonzaga fan.  Demetri Goodson's running layup just before time expired vaulted Gonzaga into the Sweet Sixteen a season ago and gave Meech a lasting place in Zag lore. 

To book end our tournament coverage and officially put an end to our dialogue of the 2010 tournament, we present you easily the most outstanding tournament moment in Gonzaga history.  This clip you will see after the jump is an event I pray that will be surpassed in the near future but I'm not sure you can ever replace how this sequence put Gonzaga on the map for years to come.

I'll let Gus Johnson go ahead and dictate the best tournament moment in Gonzaga history... 

This game and moment made me a Gonzaga fan from a very young age and I can honestly say that it was probably the reason I decided to pursue my undergraduate degree from Gonzaga University.  Thank you, Quentin and Casey and of course, thank you Gus Johnson.