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Wow, That was fast: Zags host CSU Bakersfield

If there is one thing that I have learned in following college basketball slowly, it's the fact that the off-season goes by far too slow, and the actual season itself goes by far too fast. It's stunning to me that tonight will mark the final time that fans will ever see Matt Bouldin and Will Foster and P-Maag play in the Kennel. While this season has been many different things to many different people (surprising, uplifting, and exasperating are just a couple that immediately come to mind), there is no denying that this has been a unique and fun regular season.

Once this game ends around 8:00 PM tonight, the attention of Gonzaga nation will be firmly focused on the WCC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament that await this team. Honestly, I'm excited for the adventure that awaits this team, as I have no clue how this team will respond and what we should expect when the season is on the line. While we entered this season with so many questions that needed to be answered, I feel like we enter the most defining part of the season with a handful of different questions that still have no answers.

The time to address these questions will start tomorrow morning. Lets spend today remembering the careers of Matt Bouldin (I hope Mikesequim has a couple of Kleenex boxes nearby to wipe away his tears) and Will Foster, because after tonight the focus will be on making a defining run in the postseason and examining every possible opponent/bracket combination could exist.

This game really provides nothing expect for a chance to send Boudin and Foster off in a special moment, and a game in-between the end of the WCC season and the conference tournament. I like having this game on the schedule because I think it keeps the guys sharp before the WCC tournament and doesn't allow for a general malaise around the program to occur. While I think everyone would prefer for this to  be a better opponent, the reality is that no high-level team is going to come to Spokane at this point in the season (Key Note: I don't know the rules, but if it is possible, I would love to have the guys scrimmage or play against USC after the WCC tournament, since the Trojans can't play in the postseason).

Tonight is all about the great moments that Will Foster and Matt Bouldin have had, and perhaps for P-Maag to create some memories just as Andrew Sorenson did last season. There isn't much more to say about this game tonight, except that we should hope for no injuries in the 84-50 victory.