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Be careful, we're "experts"

If you are like Max and I, no day compares to tomorrow.  Selection Sunday is better than Christmas, dwarfs the 4th of July, and blows Halloween out of the water.  Tomorrow's show is easily the best reality television going.  You've got jubilation, heartbreak, and depression all wrapped into the announcement of 65 teams.  The show also begins what is easily the best and most exciting postseason set up of any sport, college or pro.  March Madness has become a national institution and has slowed down American productivity since its inception.

With that being said, we are proud to announce that we have been invited to participate in the CBS Selection Sunday Challenge Experts Group.  When we first got the e-mail inviting us to join this group, I thought the term "experts" was just for show but this bunch includes some of the best college basketball writers in the business.  Joining us in this contest will be Gary Parrish (CBS), Jerry Palm (CBS), Gregg Doyel (CBS), Andy Staples (SI), Ryan Fagan (SportingNews), Ryan Feldman (Hoops Report), Daniel Evans (, Shawn Siegel (CollegeHoopsNet), Andy Pawalowski (Digital Hoops Blast), Jeff Borzello (March Madness All Season), Shelby Mast (Bracket WAG), Chris Kulenych & Craig Gately (Bracketology 101), and Zach Hayes (Rush the Court). 

These are basically all the guys and blogs we check up on daily so it is a tremendous honor to compete against them.  We're still working hard to get our brackets laid out before the show tomorrow and we'll post them when we get it done.  Here is the link for the contest, you can search "NCAA Hoops Experts" to find our group and belittle us as our bracket gets torn to shreds.  Here is a little more via CBSSports' press release:

With’s "Selection Sunday Challenge", fans use a highly interactive online application to stack the field with their favorite teams, randomly choose from more than 330 eligible Division I men’s basketball programs or use the research and tools that the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee puts to use such as RPI, schedules, recent results and more.  New features this year include expanded team statistics and an "Evaluate My Picks" function, which will evaluate your selections against the official rules used by the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee.  Also included are video clips from the NCAA’s Mock Selection show that describe the selection process.