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SB Nation Power 16: February 17th ballot

A great part of being associated with the SB Nation network of blogs is the amount of collaboration we get to do with the rest of our vast community of over 200 sites.  As such, the big wigs at SB contacted their college basketball bloggers to work together to create our own set of power rankings.  These rankings are supposed to settle down as conference play comes to a close but parity is at an all time high this season.  The top core of teams have separated themselves a bit but Syracuse and Villanova showed that no team is invincible.

Now that all the top 25 action has concluded on this Wednesday night, here is a look at my power 16 for this week:

Rank Team
1 Kansas
2 Kentucky
3 Purdue
4 Syracuse
5 Villanova
6 Kansas State
7 Duke
8 West Virginia
9 Gonzaga
10 Georgetown
11 Ohio State
12 Michigan State
13 Vanderbilt
14 Wisconsin
15 New Mexico
16 Baylor


Obviously the Big East, Big 12, and Big Ten are the dominant conferences this season in college basketball.  Ohio State's resurgence with a healthy Evan Turner has been fun to watch and they are becoming a very very dangerous club.  In all honesty, the 12-15 spots are up for grabs and you could really slide whoever you want in those places. 

I went ahead and threw Baylor into the mix because they are going to be a very dangerous tournament team.  They've got a very, very athletic and skilled backcourt and stack up big in the front court with guys like Epke Udoh.  They've got a couple bad losses to Alabama and at Colorado but they played the Kansas schools tough and have been solid in Big 12 play.  I could understand arguments for teams like Pitt, Tennessee, and a few others but I've got a lot of faith in Baylor.  I'm still not even close to jumping on the Butler bandwagon.  I know they didn't play it but their only impressive looking win was against Ohio State that happened to be missing Evan Turner.