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Let's talk power rankings

So we have to turn our SB Nation Power 16 ballot in later on this evening and I just wanted to check in with some of our great community members to pick their brains.  I know a lot of you are just as big of college basketball nuts as EDZ and I so we would love to get some input about teams that have really impressed you or have left you wanting more.  Just in case you were curious, here is how we ranked em' last week.

If we've learned anything at all this season it is that no one is safe.  Kentucky needed overtime last night to beat Mississippi State, Kansas has had their fair share of struggles, and the Big East powers have all stumbled recently.  No one is really making a big push to be the hands-down #1 team.  I still believe that Kansas and Kentucky are the two best teams but there isn't a clear gap like there has been in past years.  As you move further and further down the polls, it gets even crazier.  Teams from 8-16 have some great wins but possess some seriously head-scratching losses.

With all that being said, I'm here looking for some quality opinions on the college basketball landscape.  Make an argument for a team off the radar or do your best to make sure one particular team doesn't make it in.  Also, I'd love to hear where you think Gonzaga belongs in "power" terms.  No doubt they are climbing up everyone's list recently but it is still hard to know what tier they belong in.

What say you?