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State of the Zags: Revising Expectations

I wrote a few paragraphs of a recap last night / this morning and I got pretty disgusted. Not because my writing was particularly terrible (which some of you may think) but because it was basically verbatim to what we've said after Gonzaga's other three losses.

What I realized is that Gonzaga is a 4-4 team, and I would argue that it is the best-case scenario to the type of basketball I have seen played by Mark Few's team. I've seen a few things that really scare me and make me think twice before I say "this team can bounceback".

The starts to the game and the second half are frightening. When you play a schedule like this, those first five minutes of the first and second half are so valuable. The Zags played their best basketball at the tail end of the first half, had the momentum, and lost the game within the first two minutes of the second half. What's the disconnect? I'm not here to speak on what the coaches say in the locker room but you can just see every player thinking so much with every step they take on the court. This is particularly true with Robert Sacre. Up with the ball!

That's my big bugaboo about last night. Obviously, there are loads of others. Turnovers, my god, especially the offensive fouls.

For now, let's now hear some expectations for the future. Personally, the team I watched last night is going to have to fight, scratch, and claw in the WCC for that auto-bid.