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I just sent out about 30 text messages with the same words:  "How did that just happen!?!"

What a game.  What a frustratingly, close your eyes, yell, scream, cheer, ridiculous game.  Let's take a quick look at some of the things that went against Gonzaga today:

Steven Gray leaves the game before halftime with back spasms
Elias Harris fouls out with six minutes left in the game
Demetri Goodson turns the ball over 8 times...some forced, most not.
Awful Refereeing....don't get me started.

How the Zags won?  How about the defense.  Unofficially, Gonzaga forced 17 turnovers and Baylor only had six assists for the game.  Demetri Goodson, my goodness.  His offensive was downright putrid but he keyed the Zags on defense.  Great performance on the perimeter by Meech and the entire team followed his intensity.

Most complete performance from Robert Sacre?  Gotta be it.  6-10 from the floor, 5-6 from the stripe, finishing with 17 points.  He was directing traffic all game and his post moves to the hoop were quick and deliberate, something which has killed Rob in the past. 

Lastly, Marquise Carter.  Carter has been a part of the "What are we going to do?" point guard trio.  Tonight, he stepped in when Gray went down and hit a couple of huge three's and was the guy Mark Few looked to when he needed someone at the stripe.  A great coming out party for Marquise in a Gonzaga uniform.  Feel good for the young man. 

A lot to be happy about and we'll have much more later.  Hopefully, this team can build off this tremendous win on the road.  There are still improvements to be made....but this one feels great.

Go Zags!