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Monday Discussion: Pick your starters, I'd like to try and have a post up to start every week to get a better pulse of the fanbase.  We have a lot of new posters around these days (and a lot that have woken up from their summer hibernation) and there have been some great discussions. 

One of the most hotly debated topics has been that of the starting lineup.  Coach Few has indicated that the starting lineup may still be in flux for the season opener.  While Demetri Goodson looked like the best player on Friday, Few has repeatedly said that no one has really stepped up and grabbed the job and this is something we may have to deal with throughout the season.  While I do take a lot of his comments as posturing to motivate the guys, I can't remember Few being so consistently outspoken on this.  He called out Bol Kong at the start of last season but, overall, Few is a very quiet guy in terms of the media.

With all this being said, I'd love to get everyone's thoughts on their prefered starting lineup.  I have one in my mind that I would LIKE to see and I also have one that I think we WILL see. 

I'll post mine in the comments later but have at this thread and share your thoughts on this years starting lineup!