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Elias Harris expected to play against Kansas State

According to Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman, Gonzaga star forward Elias Harris will play tomorrow against the Wildcats of Kansas State.

Goodman cites a source close to the situation and since he was the first to report that Harris did not tear his Achilles in the first place, we'll take his word for it.  Elias has been battling a nagging shoulder injury so far this season and it has obviously been affecting his productivity.  With the Achilles now an issue, it will be very interesting to see how much he plays and how effective he can be.  

Personally, I'm not terribly surprised by this news.  Harris is a competitor in every sense in the word.  While it goes without saying that Elias probably won't be 100%, his mere presence on the court will help this team because he's a guy you always have to be watching if you are an opposing team.

Much more on the Gonzaga-KSU match up to come soon.