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Zags to tussle with Arizona next season

Some exciting and relatively unexpected news was just reported by the Tuscon Citizen.  Gonzaga will take on the Arizona Wildcats next season in the Battle in Seattle.  The Wildcats, who in recent years have been in turmoil as they've struggle to replace Lute Olson are seemingly on the right track under coach Sean Miller. 

The game will reportedly take place on the 17th of December in Seattle and you can expect the Zags to travel down to Phoenix or some other off-campus site to take on the Wildcats next season.

While Arizona hasn't been a major player over the past few seasons, they have brought in a fantatsic 2011 class in Josiah Turner, Sidiki Johnson, and Nick Johnson.  Miller brought in a decent 2010 class which should also help build a foundation for his time at Arizona. 

Gonzaga last took on Arizona in the 2008-09 season and suffered a difficult loss which actually sent that team into a tailspin as they lost three of their next four.  That Gonzaga team eventually went on to a Sweet 16 appearance before getting housed by North Carolina and many feel that Arizona game was a critical turning point for the Zags.

The game most Gonzaga fans will remember against Arizona was the 2003 matchup in the NCAA Tournament.  That game is without a doubt one of the best to ever be played as the Zags took the top-seeded Wildcats to double-overtime before a missed Blake Stepp runner gave Arizona a one-point win.  There have been a number of games which have helped put Gonzaga on the map and that one, albeit a loss, was one of them.