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Wednesday Open Thread: Who are you relying on to step up?

Whether you liked or disliked last year's Gonzaga team, the one great thing was that there was no shortage of offensive firepower.  On any given night, you could get big performances from up to six players.  The four current professionals (Austin, Micah, Jeremy, and Josh) as well as our two holdovers (Matt and Steven) could all fill it up on last year's squad.  While I think we can all agree that the character of this team is better than last season, you can't argue that teams like last year don't come along too often. 

Heading into our 20th game of the 2009-10 season, I think one of my biggest worries is that we are relying on our big three a bit too much.  In case you've been under a rock, those three are Matt Bouldin, Steven Gray, and Elias Harris.  They account for 57% of our points, 42% of our rebounds, about 56% of our assists, and dominate countless other statistical categories.  Obviously these three have all had outstanding seasons with these kind of stats.  The other two starters, Robert Sacre and Demetri Goodson, have shown flashes of decent offensive play and the bench has been more of the same.   Grant, Manny, Bol, and Kelly have all impressed from time to time but it has all lacked consistency and their minutes have reflected that.

With all this being said, my question to all of our readers is: What player are you most confident in outside of Gonzaga's big three to make valuable contributions as we head closer and closer to March?