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SB Nation College Basketball Power 16: January 20th ballott

A great part of being associated with the SB Nation network of blogs is the amount of collaboration we get to do with the rest of our vast community of over 200 sites.  As such, the big wigs at SB contacted their college basketball bloggers to work together to create our own set of power rankings.  A number of blogs participate in this project and we've voted the past few weeks but every time I forget to write down my rankings before submitting them.  This time I made sure to jot them down so here is a look at how we voted as of about 10 PM mountain time.  The combined rankings will be released on Friday morning over at  We'll make sure to give you all a link when they are published.

Rank Team
1 Kentucky
2 Kansas
3 Texas
4 Villanova
5 Syracuse
6 Kansas State
7 Tennessee 
8 Michigan State
9 Duke
10 Georgetown
11 Gonzaga
12 BYU
13 Pittsburgh
14 Purdue
15 West Virginia
16 Georgia Tech

For the first time this season, I really feel like the polls are starting to settle down.  You'll still have your fair share of upsets but with conference play, you really get a chance to see who is for real.  While you can present different arguments for different teams, I really feel like those top ten have shown me something.  Kansas State and Tennessee are both riding huge highs right now, Michigan State seems to really be settling in to Big Ten play, Duke suffered a pretty big upset tonight against NC State but I still have little doubt they are the tops in the ACC.  Georgetown got a big road win tonight at Pittsburgh that puts them in the top ten of our rankings.

Gonzaga hasn't been ranked in the two previous versions of the Power 16 but I can't see them being out this week.  Anyways, feel free to share your thoughts if you agree or think we're crazy or left someone out.