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Happy College Football Day, Gonzaga Fans

i'm just so damn giddy
i'm just so damn giddy

There are some benefits to not having a football team at Gonzaga, especially when you blog about the team.  With the emotional roller coaster that we have ridden over the past few years during the Gonzaga basketball season, I can't imagine going from covering football straight into basketball.  Besides, we're lucky to have been blessed to be Gonzaga fans.  Just imagine being at a school like Oregon which could barely gain a yard against Boise State but showed its street fighting abilities after the game.  We're also blessed to have a damn good coach at the head of our major sports program.  Rich Rodriguez appears to be pushing a forty-hour week on his players, Charlie Weis has alumini-bought billboards calling for his head at Notre Dame, and we haven't even kicked off the initial college football Saturday! 

With that being said, it is great to see the pageantry of college sports back in action.  There's no need to move all day as you can usually always count on a big week one upset in college football.  

Head on over to SB Nation's home page to browse the various college football blogs.  I'll probably over at "And the Valley Shook", rooting on LSU in what I hope is a demolition of Washington.  But if you are on the other side of the coin, UW Dawg Pound is an excellent Husky blog.  That was a tough sentence to write.  You might see EDZ over at CougCenter talking a little smack before his Stanford Cardinal head onto the field against WSU. 

Believe it or not, November and the start of college basketball is almost here.  This year's college football season should serve as a nice appetizer!