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One Month from Practice & Here's the Schedule!

UPDATE: It appears that Bol Kong has been cleared to enter the country and is currently at Gonzaga. Amazing news as his eligibility for this season had nearly reached the 11th hour.

There's no point in writing a long intro to this post. Just a quick thank you to a loyal reader for hooking us up! Without further introduction, the 2009-10 schedule...

Date Opponent Location
2-Nov U of Alberta Kennel
14-Nov Mississippi Valley State Kennel
17-Nov Michigan State East Lansing
20-Nov IUPUFW Kennel
23-Nov CU-Boulder Maui
24-Nov UW or Uof A Maui
25-Nov Chaminade, Maryland, Cincy, or Vandy Maui
2-Dec WSU Kennel
5-Dec Wake Forest Kennel
9-Dec Augustana Kennel
12-Dec Davidson Seattle
19-Dec Duke New York
28-Dec EWU Kennel
31-Dec Oklahoma Spokane Arena
2-Jan U of Illinois United Center
9-Jan UP Portland
14-Jan SMC Moraga
16-Jan USD San Diego
21-Jan Pepperdine Kennel
23-Jan LMU Kennel
28-Jan Santa Clara Santa Clara
30-Jan USF San Francisco
4-Feb UP Kennel
6-Feb Memphis Memphis
11-Feb SMC Kennel
13-Feb USD Kennel
18-Feb LMU LA
20-Feb Pepperdine Malibu
25-Feb Santa Clara Kennel
27-Feb USF Kennel
2-Mar Cal-State Bakersfield Kennel
5-Mar WCC Las Vegas

We are only a month away from midnight madness and the beginning of practice so it's only fitting that we get a sneak peek at the schedule. The first thing that immediately jumped out to me was just how early Michigan State does appear on the schedule. I've never known Mark Few to schedule such an early road test like the one he has slated for this young team. The other thing that really stuck out to me is the stretch from December 31st-January 16th. In this half month, Gonzaga has two difficult nonconference games against Oklahoma and Illinois and the three best WCC teams all on the road. After that stretch, the schedule is all pretty downhill from there aside from the Memphis away game.

We are going to have much, much more schedule breakdown as the season approaches but for now we'd love to hear some initial thoughts on what should be a great year of Gonzaga basketball.