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Weekend News and Notes

Breaking down the Deacon basketball schedule - Blogger So Dear
A closer look at the 2009-2010 Wake Forest basketball schedule.  Our SB Nation partners Blogger So Dear did a nice post examining their recently released basketball schedule.  Wake becomes one of the few big-time teams to enter the Kennel and that is obviously a concern of theirs but they are confident enough in their squad and think the game could become a real resume booster by March... College Basketball - Butler could be the best of the non-Big Six
No surprise here that Rivals underrates Gonzaga's incoming recruiting class but there is no doubt the Zags will seriously miss guys like Daye, Pargo, Heytvelt, and Downs.  I'm surprised there hasn't been more publicity about the current state of the Zags but it is nice to fly under the radar so hopefully that can be a theme leading up to the season. 

The Friday Five: Top 5 Michigan State Basketball Regular Season Games - The Only Colors
The Only Colors lists the top five regular season basketball games for Michigan State in the past five years.  Checking in at #4 is the Gonzaga-Michigan State game in Maui.  That game took place in 2005-06 and was the coming out party for Adam Morrison.  Gonzaga won the multi-overtime thriller and I don't need to tell you how A-Mo performed the rest of the year.  They posted a video about the game but I like this one bettter:


Bulldogs Offense Leads The Way In 3-1 Victory Over McNeese St. - GONZAGA OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Via The women's soccer team has started play this season against some, well cupcakes, and have begun the year 2-0. The team is trying to come back from a very disappointing season last year. Women's volleyball also began recently with a loss to Utah Valley State. This is their first year with their new head coach after longtime head man Kip Yoshimura was relieved of his duties.

Women's Basketball To Release Schedule Through Twitter - GONZAGA OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Also from I usually don't like linking from GoZags because it doesn't offer a whole lot of fresh insight but I found it odd that the women's basketball schedule will be released through the Gonzaga athletics Twitter page. The funny part is that they are stretching this process out over five days and doing it through videos. I understand wanting to incorporate technology but if they take five days to get through the men's schedule I'm going to flip.

Have a great weekend everyone!