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Want to Write about Gonzaga Basketball?

Mark Few would really like you to help The Slipper Still Fits grow!
Mark Few would really like you to help The Slipper Still Fits grow!

Loyal readers of Slipper Still Fits:  Having run this blog on this platform and our old blogspot site for the past year and four months, we believe that we have created a website that offers some solid insight, intriguing interviews, and a place where Gonzaga fans can collaborate and discuss their favorite team among other fans.  With that being said and the dawn of a new, exciting season approaching, we have a bunch of ideas that will hopefully take this site to the next level and make it a full functioning community where we can get great discussion day in, day out.  In order to do this, EDZ and I feel like bringing some new writers and contributors on board might not be a bad idea.

Just to make this point very clear from jump street, we will still be handling a bulk of the editorial work and stuff like that so if you are a reader that isn't interested in writing, don't worry, nothing will change on the site.  What we are hoping to do though is expand our lines of contribution so we can get more opinions and more people dedicated to making this site as good as we think it can be.  So here is what we are looking for right now:

  • Daily (preferably morning) Link Poster.  Basically something like this, this, or this.  Obviously, there will be days in the summer where there isn't a damn thing going on but during the year, posting all the news after the games and such can come in handy.
  • We need graphics help.  This job is more of a WANT than a need but we're pretty visual people and it's pretty obvious that pictures and cool visuals draw people in.  So, what we are thinking is if anyone has experience with stuff like Photoshop or paint, send us an e-mail.  We'd love some graphics for daily link posts, gameday/pregame threads, and other features.  SB Nation's Mile High Report does a great job with this and have a great graphics guy: Two examples I can see are here and here.  I'd love to have something like that second one for our gameday threads which should be HUGE this year.

Now, like we said, we will still be handling a majority of the posts here but if you can fill one of the above needs, we'd love to have you write a few editorial pieces from time to time as well. 

We're not sticklers for qualifications.  If designing graphics on the computer is just a hobby of yours and you think you'd like to help us out with gameday graphics and stuff like that, we'd love to hear from you and see some samples.  If you'd like to do a little bit of freelance writing here and there and can prove to us that you are dedicated enough to do a daily link post, please let us know.  If you've written before, great, if you haven't no big deal but obviously your posts have to be coherent.

Lastly, if you haven't noticed, SB Nation is a pretty amazing platform and it has really begun to demand quite a bit of respect in the sports world.  Over the past year, SB has partnered up with sites like Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, CBS Sports.  The network currently has over 200 team and sport specific blogs and is rapidly expanding.  We feel like it is a great time to be involved in what is a fast-growing industry so if you the desire to join us at The Slipper Still Fits, please send us an e-mail detailing what role you'd like to fill and any samples or background you have.  

The e-mail address is