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Mapping Out 2010 & 2011 Recruiting

We're all about simplicity here at The Slipper Still Fits and one of the perks about blogging is figuring out all the tips and tricks to make this thing run better.  For that reason, we decided, since we are both very much visual learners, that it'd be easier to sort out this whole recruiting situation if we just mapped it out.  Now I'm sure you've heard other names here and there but the thirteen guys with designated "pointers" are, at this point, the only ones who we believe are still in the running for an opportunity to play basketball at Gonzaga.  Now, this map is merely a representation of North America so we aren't making any statements about what kind of recruiting is going on overseas but I'm sure there is some.  Now for your viewing is the map.  2010 prospects are designated with the red pointer and 2011 guys are blue.  Click on the various pointers to find out who the player is and a little blurb about them.  You can click the link below the map to view it in a larger window..Enjoy.

One of the cool things that I should mention as well as that if you are close to one of these players, you can drive up or down to a game of theirs and let us know what you think. Okay, now enjoy!

Update: Also adding current players with yellow pointers (make sure to zoom out to see Elias). Should clear up where the pipelines could be exploited!

(Map looks better in the wide version of the site)

View Gonzaga Recruiting in a larger map