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Monday Morning Press (and Twitter) Clippings

2011 Gonzaga prospect Kyle Wiltjer (right) stands with current San Antonio Spur and former Kansas standout Drew Gooden.  (courtesy:
2011 Gonzaga prospect Kyle Wiltjer (right) stands with current San Antonio Spur and former Kansas standout Drew Gooden. (courtesy:

We are just about a week away from the last day to withdraw from the NBA Draft and it's becoming quite clear how repetitive the workout reports are getting.  This week should once again be chock-full with workouts for the four former Zags hoping to become draftees.  And now for the news...

kevin c. (seatownsports) on Twitter

austin daye has made his decision. but we can't reveal his choice to protect our source. news should come out soon.

Being the twitter addict that I am, I had to put this up first this morning to show all the non-users that big things to happen on Twitter.  Kevin C. who is an occasional commenter/fanshoter around these parts, writes the excellent SeaTownSports blog which covers every aspect of Seattle sports from high school all the way up to the bigs.  He passed along that little piece of information regarding Austin Daye on Twitter a few days ago.  I have a lot of trust in the Twitter device so I assume Kevin to know.  If I had the guts to be a betting man...I'd have to put money on Daye being bye-bye.

DraftExpress: Reebok Eurocamp, Day Two

One NBA team mentioned being told quite confidently by Damion James that he is most certainly staying in the draft, and most assume that Gonzaga’s Austin Daye is a lock to stay in.

More on the Austin Daye-front.  Like what we have been hearing for a while now, it seems like he's got one foot out the door at this point.  I would think that we would start hearing some thoughts about coming back since his most recent workouts haven't been given the best grades.  He's been called weak and a Prima Donna recently but if a team can tell him he will be in the top-20, that is all he needs. 

HORNETS: Big Easy Buzz Blog

I'm really excited about this piece from the New Orleans Hornets official blog because it is the first time I have heard about Jeremy Pargo in quite a long time.  It seems odd that Pargo was testing the waters last season and now we can not find one single thing about his workouts or anything.  Anyways, Pargo will be working out for the Hornets today and this is probably the first workout group I would love to watch.  Participating with Pargo today is LSU's Marcus Thornton, Miami's Jack McClinton, UCF's Jermaine Taylor, VCU's Eric Maynor, and UCLA's Darren Collison.  This is an intriguing group of guards that all do different things well on the basketball court and it should be a great measuring stick for Jeremy.  Hopefully the Hornets get plenty of video from today's workout.

BULLS: Bulls conducting pre-draft workouts

Josh Heytvelt has a few days off before his next workout with the Chicago Bulls on the 10th of June.  This should give him some much-needed rest as some of his most recent workout reports have been a bit suspect.  He'll need the rest as he is going against DeJuan Blair once again.

Elite Camp a Success for Wiltjer | The Shiver, Kansas Jayhawks Sports, Kansas Basketball, Kansas Football

Really nice article done by ESPN's Kansas affiliate about Kyle Wiltjer's visit to Kansas this past weekend.  Included in the article is a picture of Wiltjer with NBA player Drew Gooden who sponsors Kyle's AAU team.  I was stunned by how tall Kyle was in comparison to Drew.  Kyle seems like a very intelligent kid who is expecting some big offers to come soon to go along with ones from Gonzaga and Arizona State.  Cal, Kentucky, and Kansas have all expressed interest and apparently Bill Self was chatting with him quite a bit.  He maintains that location is not a big thing for him at all so Gonzaga will have their work cut out for them to keep this kid in the Pac-Northwest.