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SSF Final Mock Drafts: Confident in at Least One Pick

Even though we can't technically participate in our mock draft contest, one of our favorite things to do here at Slipper Still Fits is predict the future whether it be bracketology or tonight's NBA Draft.  Personally, I began this bad boy about a week ago and have been working on it for about five hours today just trying to perfect it.  I think you will notice some similarities and quite a few differences in the mock drafts submitted by EDZ and myself.  It all makes for some good fun during tonight's NBA Draft and should provide for some good competition when we carry out our live draft blog.  Just to clarify, these picks are as they stand right now, at around midnight pacific standard time.  We probably will not modify them for trades unless something monumental happens and Shaq is no longer considered monumental.  Sooooooooo here it goes, we explain ourselves after the jump and prognosticate where we think Gonzaga players will land.

Pick  Team BuffZag's Pick EDZ's Pick
1 Clippers Blake Griffin Blake Griffin
2 Grizzlies Hasheem Thabeet Hasheem Thabeet
3 Thunder Ricky Rubio James Harden
4 Kings Jonny Flynn Jonny Flynn
5 Timberwolves James Harden Ricky Rubio
6 Timberwolves Stephen Curry Stephen Curry
7 Warriors Jordan Hill Jordan Hill
8 Knicks Tyreke Evans Tyreke Evans
9 Raptors Jrue Holiday Jrue Holiday
10 Bucks DeMar Derozan DeMar Derozan
11 Nets Terrence Williams Brandon Jennings
12 Bobcats Gerald Henderson Terrence Williams
13 Pacers Brandon Jennings Ty Lawson
14 Suns Earl Clark Earl Clark
15 Pistons Austin Daye Austin Daye
16 Bulls DeJuan Blair Gerald Henderson
17 76ers Ty Lawson Eric Maynor
18 Timberwolves BJ Mullens James Johnson
19 Hawks Jeff Teague Jeff Teague
20 Jazz Tyler Hansbrough Tyler Hansbrough
21 Hornets James Johnson DeJuan Blair
22 Trailblazers Omri Casspi Sam Young
23 Kings Sam Young Omri Casspi
24 Mavericks Eric Maynor BJ Mullens
25 Thunder DeMarre Carroll Wayne Ellington
26 Bulls Taj Gibson Toney Douglas
27 Grizzlies Nick Calathes Taj Gibson
28 Timberwolves Jonas Jerebko Jonas Jerebko
29 Lakers Toney Douglas Nick Calathes
30 Cavaliers DaJuan Summers DaJuan Summers

keep reading after the jump to see where we think the Gonzaga players (and Patty Mills) will end up on draft night...

Everydayezag's Gonzaga (and Patty Mills) Draft Prediction and Draft Recap:

Patty Mills- #34 (Nuggets)

Josh Heytvelt- #36 (Grizzlies)
Micah Downs-  #46 (Cavaliers)
Jeremy Pargo- #50 (Jazz)

    The whole key to this draft revolves around what happens at picks #2 and #3. There is no doubt that the T'wolves want to move up and grab Ricky Rubio in either of those spots. However, since they aren't willing to give up both #5 and #6, it doesn't look likely they will trade up and grab Ricky Rubio. Therefore, I think the big issue will be what will happen at #3 with the Thunder.

    Another thing to keep an eye on is the PG's in this draft. While Rubio is the clear cut #1 on 99% of NBA draft boards (of course Memphis is different), there is not much separating Curry, Evans, Jennings, Lawson, and Maynor. It wouldn't surprise me to see Jennings go as high as #5, or fall all the way of the lottery. This will truly be the most unpredictable draft in recent memory.

    BuffZag's Gonzaga (and Patty Mills) Draft Prediction and Draft Recap:

    Patty Mills- #33 (Blazers)

    Josh Heytvelt- #36 (Grizzlies)
    Jeremy Pargo- #53 (Spurs)

    Okay, it's pretty clear where this draft has its strengths and weaknesses. It has been labeled as a very weak draft but in my opinion it has some outstanding depth at the back end which makes it so hard to figure out.  The top-8 all seems to hang on the decision of the Thunder.  I like OKC taking Rubio and ignoring what Russell Westbrook thinks.  The Timberwolves have been trying to trade up but unless they add both 5 and 6, it's not going to happen.  Harden and Curry are both too good of fits to pass up but it is possible that Brandon Jennings could be a surprise choice here.  The tricky part in the draft is about 11-22. Obviously plenty room for error.  Many mocks have James Johnson going as high as 11 but I have him falling to 21 with the Hornets where he would be a great fit.  I can't believe Terrence Williams is the 11th pick but the Nets love him.  DeJuan Blair and BJ Mullens are two guys that are probably overrated; Blair because of his TERRIBLE knees and Mullens because his stock significantly regressed in college.  The tier two point guards could really go in any order.  Jeff Teague and Eric Maynor have been projected by some as lottery picks but Teague with Atlanta really makes sense.  Mark Cuban thinks that he can get his man at 24 but I'm not sure if he just thinks that a solid point guard will be there, either Teague or Maynor.   Watch out for guys like Jon Brockman, Wayne Ellington, Patty Mills, and a few other international players to cause some havoc in the first round.

    I like Heytvelt and Pargo to get drafted along with Daye and for Micah Downs to sign as a free agent with the Denver Nuggets (please).

    Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that submitted mock drafts.  We had a great response and it should be a tight contest.  Come back later tonight for the live draft blog where we will be chatting throughout!