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Reminder! Submit Your Mock Drafts Before Thursday!


Now that we officially have four former Gonzaga Bulldogs vying for a spot in this years NBA Draft, it is time to announce our first ever NBA Mock Draft Contest.  The draft will take place about ten days from now on June 25th and that should give you all plenty of time to gather your draft premonitions and put them down via e-mail.  Here is how it is going to work:

Actually, before we do that, let's cover what everyone cares about.

The Prizes:

None of this would have been possible without the help of Jeff Foster at  Mr. Foster has been kind enough to send us some of their newest Gonzaga Bulldogs key chains for our contest to get the word out and we will be giving them to our winners.  Our contest has three separate tiers of difficulty and we will add some fun stuff to the prizes if you choose to increase the difficulty.

Here are a few styles of the key chains up for grabs (the Gonzaga one's are not up on the site yet):  One example is Illinois Fighting Illini and another is the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Obviously the ones we give out will be Gonzaga.

The person who wins the Easier level will get some key chains and the person who wins the harder level will get key chains for the whole family and a very prized piece of Gonzaga memorabilia.

Rules and Regs:

  • Their are two levels of competition for  you to choose from but you may only partake in one (you can do both but only one will be counted)
    Easy Level: Guess where each of the four Gonzaga players will be drafted (if you think they will be).  The winner of this tier will get an individual Gonzaga key chain for their efforts.
    Hard Level:  Predict the top-14 (lottery) selections in this year's NBA Draft AND you have to guess who of the four Bulldogs in the draft will actually have their name called on draft day.
  • All entries must also predict where St. Mary's guard Patty Mills will be drafted to break any ties that may occur.
  • Incomplete entries will be dismissed
  • You must submit your entry by 12:00 AM, Thursday June 25th.


  • Easy Level:  Very simple scoring will award the victory to the entry whose predictions are closest to the draft reality.  If Austin goes 15 and Josh goes 28 and the other two go undrafted, the person with the closest to that would win.  In this case the LOWEST SCORE would win.  If you predict that someone will be undrafted and they are drafted or vice-versa, their will be five penalty points added to your score.
  • Hard Level:  This competition will go to the person with the HIGHEST SCORE.  The lottery scoring will be weighted in this fashion.  Picks 1-5 are worth 3 points for each correct selection, Picks 6-10 are worth 4 points each, and picks 11-14 will be worth 5 points each.  You will only get points if you get the right selection in the right number.  Trades and teams do not factor in.  The second part of this tier's scoring is predicting which of the Gonzaga Bulldogs will be drafted.  For each player you accurately predict, you will have 5 points added to your total.

To Play: 

Just submit your entry to our e-mail address:  Included in the e-mail should be:

  • Blog User Name (ie: BuffZag)
  • Real Name (to verify)
  • Your predictions based on what level you choose to participate in
  • Make sure to answer the TIEBREAK question: Where will Patty Mills be drafted?

Submit them by 12:00 AM the morning of the draft (June 25th) for your inclusion. 

Even if you are not a member you are more than welcome to participate and their is no better time to join SBNation. After all, it's free!

If you are interested in purchasing more of the Key chains we are offering for free, visit and enter the promo code "slipperstillfits" for a discount on your purchase!