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The View Without Daye


The youth movement is on.  Here is how the scholarships break down for the next four years.  Green=seniors, Yellow=Juniors, Blue= Sophomores, Red= Freshmen. Obviously this is subject to rapid change but here are some things of note:

  • For next year, 2009-10, it's painfully obvious that only three players have recent, in-game experience (Bouldin, Gray, Goodson).  Rob Sacre is next in line but hasn't really played continuous minutes since coming to Gonzaga.  I know he started his freshman year but only averaged nine minutes a game before struggling with injuries.  Still not sure what to expect from Will Foster.  A few weeks ago their was speculation that he might not even finish his four years at Gonzaga.  He'll have to play with all the youth.    Everyone else will be new to division one basketball.
  • I put Bol Kong in their even though it is still pretty uncertain but at this point, he has a scholarship pending Visa issues.
  • Don't look for all those guys in red to only play until 2012-13.  Popular thought is that Kelly Olynyk could be a redshirt possibility so he can put on weight.  We'll wait and see with GJ Vilarino but I expect him to come in and back up Meech right away because Bouldin is going to have to score a lot now that Daye is gone and can not run point much.

This chart was a lot cooler with Austin Daye's name on it but the beat must go on.  The youth will be fun and it looks like Mark Few knew what he was doing by recruiting the hell out of the 2009 class.  Go out and get guys like Kyle Wiltjer and Gary Bell Jr. and good things can happen with the core he has amassed.