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Heels Rise to Glory, Zags Falter Once Again in Big Game


That picture really sums it up.  The two players Gonzaga was relying most on this game watching North Carolina completely dominate play.  If your a Gonzaga fan, there is always next year but this is not the way you wanted the year to end.  The Zags were completely outclassed in every imaginable facet of the game.  In all honesty, it was never close as each and every Gonzaga run was answered by North Carolina.  We will have much more on the Gonzaga performance (or lack there of) after we let this soak in a bit.  It goes without saying that this is another sweet sixteen game to forget.  The sad thing is that it appears that the Zags forgot to show up completely. 

Someone please comment with some positive thoughts.  There is always next year but it was hard to watch our seniors to go out in this fashion.