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Pre-Tournament BlogPoll

Well, this will be the last blogpoll until the 2009 college basketball season is settled.  There has been a lot of shifting this week thanks to some crazy conference tournament results.  What does that mean for Gonzaga? A whole lot of sitting and watching the rest of the nation falter.  The Zags have found their way back into the top ten.  The major movers and shakers this week are Louisville, who has been the hottest team in the nation, Washington, who failed to impress anyone in the Pac-10 tourney, and Clemson, who really should think about ending their season before February because after that they fall off.

We'll have the compilation bracket up later today, for now, take a look at what we turned in this week.

Rank Team
1 Louisville
2 North Carolina
3 Memphis
4 Pittsburgh
5 Connecticut
6 Duke
7 Oklahoma
8 Missouri
9 Michigan St.
10 Gonzaga
11 Syracuse
12 Wake Forest
13 Villanova
14 Purdue
15 Kansas
16 Florida St.
17 Washington
18 Louisiana St.
19 Arizona St.
20 West Virginia
22 Utah
23 Clemson
24 Utah St.
25 Illinois