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Bracketology 9.0: Just One More Win

Congrats to Creighton and San Diego State that jump into the picture after UNLV and Arizona faltered last night.  They are not completely safe in the bracket at this point, however.  Right now, Minnesota and Virginia Tech are both playing the top seeds in their conference for the right to go to the dance.  Win and they are in.  Same applies for the Florida Gators.  After the best game I've ever seen, Syracuse is a solid four seed no matter what happens and West Virginia could keep rising as they look to be a force at this point. 

Here's how they stack up...





Boston, MA Memphis, TN Indianapolis, IN Glendale, AZ
Philadelphia Dayton Greensboro Kansas City
1 Pittsburgh 1 Louisville 1 North Carolina 1 Connecticut
16 Morehead St. 16 Radford Play-In Game 16 Robert Morris
8 Boston College 8 Oklahoma State 8 Butler 8 Texas
9 Ohio State 9 California 9 Dayton 9 Wisconsin
Miami Boise Portland Philadelphia
5 Illinois 5 Arizona State
5 Missouri 5 Xavier
12 W. Kentucky 12 St. Mary's
12 Creighton
12 VCU
4 Florida State 4 UCLA 4 Gonzaga 4 Syracuse
13 Binghamton 13 North Dakota St. 13 Cleveland St. 13 Northern Iowa
Miami Minneapolis Kansas City Boise
6 West Virginia 6 LSU 6 Marquette 6 Purdue
11 Utah State 11 Michigan 11 San Diego St.
11 New Mexico
3 Kansas 3 Wake Forest 3 Villanova 3 Washington
14 Buffalo 14 Portland St. 14 American 14 Stephen F. Austin
Minneapolis Greensboro Dayton Portland
7 Clemson
7 Tennessee
7 Utah 7 BYU
10 Penn State 10 Texas A&M 10 Siena 10 South Carolina
2 Duke 2 Memphis 2 Michigan State 2 Oklahoma
15 Morgan State 15 Cornell 15 E. Tennessee St. 15 Cal State-North

On The Rise:  West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Arizona State

Falling Off:  Clemson, California

Welcome to the Dance:  Creighton and San Diego State

Out of the Picture:  Arizona and UNLV

Last Four Out:  Minnesota, Florida, Virginia Tech, UNLV

Last Four In:  St. Mary's, Creighton, San Diego State, Penn State