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First Edition of the BlogPoll

Well, I was super excited to rank Gonzaga in the first edition of the CBS Sports blogpoll and then Memphis happened.  If you aren't familiar with the blog, we have been participating in a weekly blogpoll where we do the same thing the AP and Coaches do...for fun.  We've hit the big time with our blogpoll now because it is being featured on CBS Sports.  Some of the best college basketball blogs are taking part in this weekly poll to give you another view of the top 25.  I'd imagine that this poll will be very well done because most college basketball bloggers like us eat, drink, and sleep college basketball.

So without further ado, here is our first CBS blog poll... We really encourage you all to come in and comment and tell us if you don't agree with something.

Rank Team
1 Connecticut
2 Oklahoma
3 North Carolina
4 Pittsburgh
5 Duke
6 Michigan St.
7 Louisville
8 Memphis
9 Clemson
10 Wake Forest
11 Villanova
12 Marquette
13 Kansas
15 Xavier
16 Ohio St.
17 Missouri
18 Syracuse
19 Florida St.
20 Butler
21 Illinois
22 Louisiana St.
23 Arizona St.
24 Florida
25 Purdue

They asked us to explain how we decide on our rankings because everyone has their own little formula whether it is KenPom or Sagarin or whatever else.  Those factor in with us a little bit but for the most part, those type of computer rankings can turn out bogus because a big part of college basketball is trends and momentum and stuff that can not factor into a computer equation.  So yes, we do look at KenPom, Sagarin and the RPI stuff but it probably has only 10% say in what we decide for our top 25.

We tend to be very critical fans and will probably one of the few blogpolls that do not have Gonzaga ranked but after Saturday, I'm nearly positive I could find 25 teams better than the one that took the court in white on Saturday.