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Slipper Still Fits on the Air!

If you followed our blog during The Kennel Report days, you'd know that the two of us often were guests on 1510 KGA with Slim.  1510 KGA is the primary source for everything Gonzaga and they do great work covering the games and also have coaches shows and of course Max and Zach from The Slipper Still Fits.  We appeared on the show with him once again tonight and he was kind enough to give us the audio so we could share it with all you.

Give it a listen, we talked all Zags including some SMC/USD thoughts, recruiting, and thoughts on the upcoming tussle with Memphis.

continue to read after the jump as the files were too big for front page...

2/3 First Segment

2/3 Second Segment

Go ahead and give them a listen, each clip is about 10 minutes long I think.  It should be a weekly thing especially with the tournament getting closer and closer.