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Week 15 Rankings at a Glance...

Gonzaga's Week 15 Rankings from Around the Nation 
Source   Ranking   Notes...  Movement
AP 17 Receiving 661 votes...
Coaches Poll 17 Another nice climb here for the Zags +3
13 Two very effective wins keep Gonzaga steady -
RPI  40 Terrible RPI opponents in LMU and Pepperdine
Lunardi   6 Seed Should be a five seed at the end
CBS BlogPoll 16 ASU, Zags best in the West

Here's a look at Joe Lunardi's recent bracketology...


No one in the Big Ten, including Michigan State, really scares me this season and Minnesota is no different.  The major downside of the bracket is the second round match up because you will be taking on Villanova right in their own backyard.  This is a major jump for Gonzaga, who has been sitting pretty in Boise and Portland lately.  Being in Philadelphia against a very, very good Big East team would be a tall task for Gonzaga.  If they managed to get out of their side of the bracket, the bottom half is very intersting with a bunch of teams that no one really knows a whole lot about.  Clemson has proven to be an exceptional team but I would really love to watch them match up against Arizona in that second round.  Push come to shove, I would expect to see the Tigers fall at the hands of the Wildcats if that match up were to happen.