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Week 12 Rankings at a Glance...

Gonzaga's Week 12 Rankings from Around the Nation 
Source   Ranking   Notes...  Movement
AP 18 Receiving 632 votes  +2
Coaches Poll   18 Huge jump this week with Memphis soon +7
KenPom   5 Zags drop one spot, highest in the West -1
RPI   39 Thanks SMC.  Zags go up big here. +12
Lunardi   5 Seed No change here but we are in Portland  -
RTC Bracket 5 Seed Up 2 seeds, also have UW in 2nd round +2

Plenty of movement to talk about this week and most of it is in a very positive direction after a pair of home wins.  There had been plenty of griping about Gonzaga's ranking in the Coaches Poll the past few weeks but I think they got the memo as they put the Zags up seven spots this week.  The AP writers also improved Gonzaga's standing, moving them up two spots.  As far as the Coaches Poll is concerned, I think you can thank ESPN for that as Gonzaga was on the Worldwide Leader twice this past week against USD and SMC. Saturday night is another night that everyone will be watching Gonzaga.  This is a huge exposure game for the Bulldogs as College Gameday will be in Spokane to see them take on Memphis.

The KenPom ranking remains very high and our RPI even went up quite a bit.  It should peak after the Memphis game, if Gonzaga can win, and then valley severely to end the season.  Both bracketologists that we cited have the Zags as a five seed and that is fair right now.  This makes the Memphis/Gonzaga match up very important because it is likely that both teams will win out because of the weak conference play so whoever wins that game has the inside track to a very high seed.