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Week 14 Rankings at a Glance...

Gonzaga's Week 14 Rankings from Around the Nation 
Source   Ranking   Notes...  Movement
AP 17 Receiving 599 votes...
Coaches Poll 20 Climbing back up after the Memphis loss +1
13 Based on wonder we are falling -3
RPI  30 Great RPI week for Gonzaga. Thanks Arizona
Lunardi   6 Seed Staying as a solid six here, could hop to a five
CBS BlogPoll 19 Ranked as high as seven, and unranked

Here's a look at Joe Lunardi's very recent bracketology...


We didn't get any cool awards in our weekly blogpoll breakdown, which is good and bad.  We are trying to avoid the overly homer award so judging on some of our recent posts, I think we are safe there.  Switching gears to Joe Lunardi's bracket, I think that it is pretty managable, as long as the Zags find some sort of rhythm.  Jack McClinton is an absolute stud and I think he may get around forty points against Gonzaga but the supporting cast does not impress me and they are an extremely streaky team.  That leaves us with the Jayhawks who are also quite the odd team because they lost so much but still find themselves with a very nice seed.  The Morris twins are headcases but are very talented players.  Cole Aldrich can be a stud if he applies himself and stays away from silly fouls and Sherron Collins is the consumate big game player.  I like the way Gonzaga matches up with Kansas but I would much rather see Xavier as our three spot than Kansas especially now that Bill Self has gotten over his bad luck in March.

Gonzaga had a very, very good RPI week as Arizona is one of the hottest teams in the nation.  Utah has also been playing very well lately and might earn there way into the tournament.  Memphis and Connecticut are obviously two of the top programs in the nation as well.  The losses aren't looking that bad anymore but it would help if Portland State could get their way into the tournament.  As far as the KenPom rankings go, Gonzaga continues to fall off (at one point they were #2).  It's not surprising as the defensive efficiency has gone down as has Gonzaga's strength of schedule.  I'm very surprised that at this point the KenPom is getting this low and the RPI is climbing this much.  I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in the RPI right now because two major hits come soon in the form of Pepperdine and LMU who have extraordinarily low RPI's.