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Second Edition of the CBSSports BlogPoll

In a wild week of college basketball, some of the top teams fell and our second version of the blogpoll shows the effects of the week.

Here is a look at The Slipper Still Fits poll, we will link the compilation when it is all tabulated...

Rank Team Delta
1 Connecticut
2 Oklahoma
3 North Carolina
4 Pittsburgh
5 Memphis 3
6 Michigan St.
7 Missouri 10
8 Louisville 1
9 Wake Forest 1
10 Duke 5
11 Marquette 1
12 Arizona St. 11
13 Villanova 2
14 Illinois 7
15 UCLA 1
16 Clemson 7
17 Xavier 2
18 Washington
19 Kansas 6
20 Gonzaga
21 Louisiana St. 1
22 Purdue 3
23 Syracuse 5
24 Butler 4
25 Dayton
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Ohio St. (#16), Florida St. (#19), Florida (#24).

Obviously some major, major changes this week.  Missouri has continued to impress the nation and rises to seventh this week.  The other major mover is obviously Arizona State.  After taking care of business against UCLA and USC, the Sun Devils took advantage of some losses ahead of them and moved up 11 spots this week.  ASU was reeling a few weeks before after being swept by the Washington schools but it seems like they have found their step. 

Gonzaga debuts in our vesion of the blogpoll for the first time this week after a couple of 'decent' conference wins.  The Zags rise by the virtue mainly of other teams losing, and with five losses, they probably deserve a ranking at this point in the season.  How much that ranking means?  Not a whole lot if they continue playing the way they have been.  We shall see though.