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The best sports day...ever?

It doesn't get much better than this if you are a sports fan...

All times Pacific:

NCAA Football -- Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh -- 9 AM  -- ABC
NCAA Basketball -- Kentucky vs. North Carolina -- 9:30 AM -- CBS
NCAA Football -- Arizona vs. Southern Cal -- 12:30 PM -- ABC
NCAA Basketball -- St. Johns vs. Duke -- 12:30 PM -- ESPN2
NCAA Football -- Alabama vs. Florida -- 1 PM -- CBS
NCAA Basketball -- Wake Forest vs. Gonzaga -- 2:30 PM -- ESPN2
NCAA Football -- Nebraska vs. Texas -- 5 PM -- ABC
NCAA Football -- Georgia Tech vs. Clemson -- 5 PM -- ESPN

If you're in the area you can throw in games like Washington vs. Cal in football (go Golden Bears) and even UNLV vs. Santa Clara in basketball.  Also, ESPNU will probably have a game on at every hour of the day today so if you find yourself panicking because every other game is on commercial, just take a breather and click on ESPNU.  You don't have enough TV's for all this? Don't forget about!

As a basketball fan first, I think I would take the first couple days of March Madness as the best sports days ever but if you are big on combo sports days... this has got to be your gold standard. 

Enjoy and feel free to comment here as we'll probably be around all day checking in as we get ready for Gonzaga-Wake at 2:30!!!