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Merry Christmas from TSSF

Just wanted to let everyone know that things will probably be a little slow around here as EDZ is somewhere in the mountains of Washington and I'll be with family in Colorado.  We won't be gone long though as the Zags take the court on the 28th against Eastern Washington.  Feel free to continue putting up FanPosts and FanShots about any Gonzaga news you come across.  We might get bored from time to time and put up a quick post but other than that, we're taking a min-break!

In the spirit of the Holiday season we just wanted to thank you all very much for making this site a tremendous success.  We have really grown since moving to SB Nation about a year ago and are now well over 500 members.  The discussion has always been lively and passionate which is all we can ask for!  We hope you continue to stop by and keep sharing your thoughts as the Zags hope to rebound from this brief December lull. 

Also, for all you Spokane residents, don't forget to check out some great high school basketball as The Holiday Showcase begins on December 28th at Spokane Falls Community College.  Local teams like Ferris, Shadle, and Lewis and Clark will participate and you'll get a chance to see the best player in the state right now, Gary Bell Jr. who plays for Kentridge.  If you have been on this blog for more than a week, you know that Gary Bell would be the ideal gift for Gonzaga this holiday season.  Make sure to check it out!  It should be highly competitive and even more enjoyable!

Have a safe, healthy, and merry Christmas!