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Will Drew Gordon be allowed to transfer in-state?

If you have been reading the blog for the past week or so, you know that Drew Gordon has been on our minds.  EDZ wrote a piece a week ago clamoring for Gonzaga to take a look at Gordon, who recently announced his transfer from UCLA.  At that time, we had no clue that the Zags would even show the slightest of interest because Mark Few has already amassed a pretty nice stable of big men.  Now that Ed has confirmed that Gonzaga has indeed shown interest, the story has really began to pick up steam.  It was initially reported by the San Diego Union Tribune that Gordon was getting interest from San Diego State, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Gonzaga, and Florida among others. 

My two cents, for whatever that is worth has sort of been under the impression that Gordon will probably land somewhere in California just because most kids that transfer usually pick some place that is close to home.  In Gordon's case, however, transferring somewhere closer to home might not be as easy as expected.  To quote the fantastic WAC blog Parsing the WAC as they discuss Gordon possibly heading to San Diego State:

However, we will be confused if Gordon does become an Aztec. That's because the Chancellor of the California State University system has decreed that the schools under his dominion cannot accept any mid-year transfers due to the state budget crisis.

This is a pretty big hang up because Drew has expressed that he wants to transfer at the end of the quarter so he can play midway through next season.  Under the stipulations laid out by the chancellor of state schools, it will be impossible for him to transfer to San Diego State unless he waits until the fall. 

I am not in contact with the Gordon family but I figure this must make GU a more realistic option.  Although Gonzaga is a good distance from his hometown, it is still on the west coast in contrast to the rest of his suitors who are mainly on the east coast. What this will also do is probably make schools like UNLV, Utah, and other Mountain West schools more appealing.

Keep it here for any updates on the Gordon situation as we'd love to see him here.