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Zags Around the Web: We Look Different!

By now, I'm sure you have already noticed that our site did some growing up over night.  The user panel is now on the top right side instead of the left, the widgets on the sidebars are a little more rounded off and smooth, and the excess of blue which we had gotten used to is filled with gray.  The one thing which will cause some getting used to is the headlines and comments being justified to the left side of the text space.  All morning I've been scrolling around to find that the thing I was looking for has moved!  Anyways, we think it looks pretty smooth and I'm sure it is just phase one and they'll begin correcting things that aren't too popular.

With that being said, we'd love to know what you all think since your opinion is important here.  If you find any technical issue with the refresh that you don't think we can handle (highly likely!) go ahead and e-mail and they'll get back to you very quickly.  With that being said, let's get to some of the "day after" news: | Blogs | SportsLink | Zags roll past Alberta in exhibition
The Spokesman's Jim Meehan checks in with his recap of last night's events with some nice quotes from Coach Few and also Sam Dower. Coach Few notes that Kelly Olynyk was playing on a bum ankle of his own which is good/kinda scary to hear. He also seemed very impressed with the new guys, including Sam Dower who said he went out there looking to prove something.

New look Zags thunder past Alberta in exhibition | KREM 2 News | | When it Matters Most | Sports
Spokane's CBS affiliate put up a recap of their own with this excellent video:


The Bulletin - Zags finish off Alberta, tune up for season play
A very nice article written by a staffer at the Gonzaga Bulletin is worth the click just for some of the pictures that were taken. Some great shots of Elias and Kelly elevating to the hoop and nice looks at GJ, Sam, and Manny as well.

EDZ will be posting a more thorough game wrap-up/what we learned from Alberta a bit later on today.  For our instant reaction and a look at what some of the fans had to say, just scroll down to our recap last night.  There were some great comments from fans about how the guys looked that should give those who weren't there an accurate portrayal of the events at the MAC!