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Take it to Vegas: Preseason Rankings and Tourney Predictions

Before or around the time every season begins, we like to attempt to take our turns being the national pundits and make a few predictions of our own.  In this post you will find our Preseason Top 25's, below, and our NCAA Tournament predictions from the Sweet Sixteen onwards after the jump.  There will probably be plenty of points of contention.  I can already see some now with both of our rankings and tournament projections.  We'd love to see some of our readers chip in and offer up their Top 10 or 25 teams or even their Final Four when it is all said and done.  The great thing about this post is that it can be erased once March rolls around...or even next week just in case our Top 25's get blown up!  We hope you enjoy...

Zach B
1 Kansas Kansas
2 Texas Texas
3 Villanova Villanova 
4 Purdue West Virginia
5 Michigan State North Carolina
6 Kentucky Michigan State
7 West Virginia Butler
8 North Carolina Tennessee
9 Butler Mississippi State
10 Tennessee Kentucky
11 Michigan Purdue
12 Connecticut  Georgia Tech
13 Oklahoma  Cincinnati 
14 Duke Duke
15 California Connecticut
16 Mississippi State Washington
17 Georgia Tech Georgetown
18 Ohio State Cal
19 Washington Ohio State
20 Illinois Clemson
21 Georgetown Michigan
22 Maryland Gonzaga
23 Gonzaga Oklahoma
24 Dayton Siena
25 Vanderbilt Dayton


continue reading after the jump for our tournament predictions...

EDZ's Tourney Predictions from Sweet Sixteen onward (there is no order to the teams or pairings, just our guesses about what teams will be there)

Sweet Sixteen
Elite Eight
Final Four
National Title




Kentucky Kansas 

Georgia Tech Texas

Butler Cincinnati Kansas

Villanova Butler Texas Kansas
Clemson Villanova Georgetown Villanova


Kansas St.  Kansas State Villanova

Mississippi St. Mississippi St.

Michigan St. Georgetown


North Carolina




Zach B's Tourney Predictions from the Sweet Sixteen onward...

Sweet Sixteen
Elite Eight
Final Four
National Title




Michigan St. Kansas

Kentucky Texas

West Virginia Villanova Texas

Butler Purdue Purdue Texas


Oklahoma Kentucky Villanova Villanova
Mississippi St. West Virginia West Virginia

Washington Oklahoma

Maryland Siena


Notre Dame

North Carolina



There's bound to be plenty of disagreement!  Share your thoughts with us below in the comments.